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About us

About Us
Narma Inc. is the first spin-off company of Korea Aerospace Research Institute to commercialize its tilt-rotor UAV technology. It has tiltrotor drone control technology and test measurement equipment development technology.
Narma Inc.
 2021.01 acquired the Korean government's R&D project <Disaster Control and
                Emergency Delivery Drones in Mountainous Area> complete 
 2020.09 acquired Korea Drone Direct Production Certificate
                participated in the Commercial UAV Expo 
                established Narma branch in Silicon Valley
 2020.08 entered public institution shopping mall 'Venture Nara' (AF100/ AF200) 
                supplied 20 multi-copter drones(AF60) for Ai swarm flight
                established Narma branch in South Africa
 2020.06 participated in Daejeon drone testbed construction project
 2020.02 certified as a venture business.
 2019.12 made a demonstration flight in Silicon Valley.
 2019.12 signed an industry-University cooperation with Paichai Univ.
 2019.11 selected as a smart SME.
                participated in the Finland Slush Investment Parade.
                signed an industry-University cooperation with Kyungwoon Univ.
 2019.10 participated in the Commercial UAV expo US exhibition (Daejeon TP) 
 2019.09 registered the CI trademark of Narma Inc. 
 2019.08 participated in the North American market entry business (Daejeon TP) 
 2019.05 participated in the AUVSI US exhibition
                participated in the Global Startup Festival
                participated in the joint demonstration day (Innopolis Daedeok)
 2019.04 participated in the Silicon Valley entry business (Daejeon TP) 
 2018.11 registered as a research institute company.
 2018.11 established an affiliated research institute
 2018.10 established a corpotation (Narma Inc.) 
 2018.09 passed the internal deliberation committee for the establishment of a research institute (KARI)
 2018.08 completed the evaluation of the tiltrotor drone control technology

About Us

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