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How to Bet and Gain Experience in Over/Under Goal Kick Betting from Experts

Over/Under Goal Kick Betting Tips

Over/Under goal kick betting, though a side bet, is quite popular due to its quick results. Additionally, it is easier to predict than main bets or penalty shootouts, and the odds of winning are high. Below, Win tips, a reputable bookmaker, invites you to learn how to analyze odds and place bets right away.

How to Bet on Over/Under Goal Kick Betting

Over/Under goal kick betting is significantly easier to predict compared to main bets such as Asian or European odds. This bet only accounts for the total number of goal kicks taken by both the home and away teams.

Many people believe that Over/Under goal kick betting is purely luck-based. However, with diligent research, the match outcome can give you a 50/50 chance of winning.

This type of bet often appears when the two teams have a balanced strength. Weaker teams are recorded to have more goal kicks than stronger teams.

Most strong teams will choose to attack to dominate their opponents, resulting in unsuccessful shots that give weaker teams the advantage of more goal kicks.

For Over/Under goal kick betting, you must watch the entire match. This helps you assess and make accurate predictions about the final goal kicks to choose the most suitable odds.

A final tip for Over/Under goal kick betting is to select matches in a critical phase. It is best to bet on matches with a one-goal difference, as the losing team will put all their effort into attacking, leading to the other team benefiting from more goal kicks due to the opponent's miscalculations.

Expert Tips for Over/Under Goal Kick Betting

Over/Under goal kick betting is popular because of its high winning odds. Predicting the total number of initial and final goal kicks is quite easy for bettors. Applying expert tips can make winning just a matter of time:

Focus on the Home Team

Since it’s a goal kick bet, you don't need to pay much attention to the match score or the final result. Instead, focus on analyzing the home team because they have a significant advantage in goal kicks. Additionally, playing on their home turf boosts their performance and confidence, increasing the likelihood of more goal kicks.

If you want to increase your winning chances, analyzing both the home and away teams is necessary. For away games, also consider the teams' playing strengths.

Utilize the Martingale Betting System

Many experts choose the Martingale system for Over/Under goal kick betting but only wager small amounts initially. The strategy involves doubling the bet if the previous bet loses. If you win, return to the initial small bet and repeat the process up to four times.

According to experts, using the Martingale system in Over/Under goal kick betting rarely results in losses. However, because the bet amount doubles with each loss, avoid betting your entire capital in one go.

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Avoid Following the Crowd

Do not follow the crowd when betting on Over/Under goal kicks. This bet is highly luck-dependent, so following the crowd can lead to losses.

Instead, to win, place bets based on your own analysis. After thorough research and evaluation, your predictions are likely more accurate. Maintain a relaxed mindset and bet confidently on Over/Under goal kicks for a higher chance of winning.

Analyze the Referee

Similar to betting on yellow cards, understanding the referee’s tendencies is crucial. If the referee is known for awarding more free kicks, this might affect the goal kick count.

Find out who the referee is and check their history to see if they favor the home or away team for goal kicks. Reviewing the referee’s last 5 to 7 matches can provide a more accurate prediction. This method has proven successful for many experts, with an 80% success rate.

Rely on Specific Statistics

For newcomers, predicting the total number of goal kicks might be overwhelming due to the influence of referees and coin toss results. Instead, rely on data analysis.

Review the number of goal kicks each team typically has. Determine which team has more goal kicks, by how much, and their percentage of total goal kicks. This statistical analysis helps make accurate predictions.

Limit Kickoff Bets

While Over/Under goal kick betting offers high winning odds, limit your bets to protect your capital. Avoid betting on kickoffs in the following situations:

Experiencing a losing streak

Not using combination bets

Betting your entire capital

Important Notes for Over/Under Goal Kick Betting

Remember these tips to ensure your success when betting on Over/Under goal kicks:

Always conduct thorough evaluations to increase winning odds.

Typically, the home team is favored for the first goal kick, so prioritize analyzing the home team and the overall match.

Predetermine your betting capital and stick to it to safeguard your funds. Choose intense matches for clearer Over/Under goal kick opportunities, then double your bet within 2-3% of your capital for high returns.

Accept that winning and losing are part of betting. However, improving your match analysis skills will significantly increase your winning probability.

Learn more tips and tricks for better goal kick betting.

In summary, Over/Under goal kick betting is straightforward and quick. However, to win, you must rely on your analysis, statistical data, and match evaluations. Finally, choose a reputable bookmaker review in Vietnam to ensure safe betting.


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